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Input shaft too short, clutch wobbles to death

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    Donsld Ferguson Jr

        Hello. My first entry here. I have major issues with the secondary cluch bolt rattling loose and causing the clutch to wobble, which enlargens the center hole. This enlargened hole ruins the clutch, as it don’t fit the input shaft snug any more.

        The bolt is new, lots of high strength loktite used, new lock washer. Yet, it eventually wobbles loose.

        I understand why the input shaft is short. It’s to allow the clutch to be removed without removing the T20 from the Max. But I could care less!

        I think the best solution to eliminate the dang wobble of the secondary clutch is to use a longer shaft, where the clutch sits. A steel collar may be needed to fill-in the space once the clutch is mounted (which won’t allow any wobble because there will be no room for that).

        We need someone to manufacture a new, longer T20 input shaft as an aftermarket item for those who need one.

        Or, perhaps cut the end off a shaft and weld it to another shaft, which extends the spot where the clutch fits. Turn it on a lathe to true it up.



        We are going to tighten the clutch center bolt again, use tons of loktite, a new lock washer, torque it down tight, and hope for the best. Which isn’t much. This will get us back on the trail for a few rides.

        I have no doubt this bolt will rattle loose again, the clutch will wobble under pressure as we drive, and ruin yet another clutch. A longer input shaft is desperately needed. And so it goes…



            I hope you have this figured out by now. I remember seeing this post on 6x6world a while back. If not the only thing I could think of would be to use a spacer shaft a 16th under the length needed . Just to give the secondary something solid to sit on and hope for the best.

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