98 Vanguard 11

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    Laird Spivak

        Picked up a 98 Vanguard 2 in a box. Well, actually several boxes. I also have a 92 Vanguard. The 98 has a 16 Briggs Vanguard and the 92 has a 23 Vanguard. I am seriously considering doing an engine swap and selling the 92. It has tracks which I don’t actually need. More of a hinderence than a help where I use the machine. I will have to get the 98 up and working before I decide to go to that work. Somebody put a vinyl wrap on it to make it look like a Frontier model but time, weather and wear  have taken its toll on it. I have peeled it off and have been left with a nasty mess. Might just have to wrap it again. I am in the process of fabbing up a winch mount and then put the top back on. The guy that I bought from bit off more than he could chew, I think, because he put all new bearings, bearing carriers and one new axle in then decided to sell it. Told me he didn’t have time to finish it. So I replaced all the chain, made new trays for under the seat and still have to make new seats and backrest. And then there is the wiring………………………

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